Landless Drifter

Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)

I cannot believe that I used to excel in Geometry. I’m terrible with numbers. But I remember when I was in third year at secondary school and required to take Chemistry, Algebra and Economics, Geometry was the ‘line I traced’. I didn’t particularly like it; it was just one of those subjects I had to pass. But I, myself, got surprised every time I can easily solve the lengths, volumes and areas without the hair-pulling frustration I experienced with Algebra (to think that these two are related). It was (what’s the right word?) natural.

In line with this week’s challenge, I ponder about how human beings are naturally attracted to symmetry–to perfection. You might have heard that beauty is symmetry and they started measuring women’s faces to find the most beautiful face. (Check the perfect human face.) If I had become a geometer, facial…

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